A documentary album
Locally grown in Venice Beach, CA
Various Artists

Only in Venice album 2017

A documentary album

All songs composed, arranged, and produced by Rob Mullins
Executive Producer:  Rob Mullins
Copyright (c) 2017 Rob Mullins Publishing (BMI)
Released through Rob Mullins Entertainment
333 Washington Blvd. #107
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
All Rights Reserved.

Vocals recorded by Carmen Grillo
Mixed by Rob Mullins
Mastered by Rob Mullins

CD UPC: 040232642364
Release date: July 6, 2017
Format: CD with bonus tracks here.
Downloadable version here.

Track List

Track 01    Party All Night                4:23
Artist:        Rob Mullins feat. Damon Dae
Track 02    Tequila Dancer                3:37
Artist:        Cosmic Coast feat. Stanley Behrens
Track 03    Prime Minister Chill        3:38
Artist:        Rob Mullins feat.   Rachel Hoodrich
Track 04    Jim Morrison is Dead       3:51
Artist:        Rob Mullins feat. Rachel Sorsa
Track 05    Venice Beach is NOT a Campus    3:28
Artist:        Elegant Strangers feat. Vinnie Caggiano
Track 06    Less Intelligent Men        3:28
Artist:        Rob Mullins feat. Rachel Sorsa
Track 07    Surfer Song                       2:50
Artist:        Rob Mullins feat. Bryan McKenzie
Track 08    Slow Dance                       3:54
Artist:        Elegant Strangers feat. Vinnie Caggiano
Track 09    Goin' Home                       338    
Artist:        Elegant Strangers feat. Stanley Behrens
Track 10    Drum Circle                       5:24
Artist:        Rob Mullins
Track 11    Cool Water in the Summertime    3:35
Artist:        Rob Mullins feat. Brighton Gray
Track 12    Wistful Thinking                3:34
Artist:        Rob Mullins
Track 13    Anthem                                3:03
Artist:        Vinnie Caggiano


Rachel Sorsa lead vocals
Stanley Behrens lead vocals, harmonica, flute
Vinnie Caggiano electric guitars
Rob Mullins drums, bass, keyboards, percussion
Damon Dae lead vocals
Rachel Hoodrich lead vocals, uke
Bryan McKenzie electric bass
Ravi Kristin gang vocal leader
Carmen Grillo acoustic guitar

Special Thanks

Ravi Kristin, Collin Rothwell, Kristen, Alex, Suzy Williams, Dakota Rayfield, Emma Barrett,
Carmen Grillo, Carrie Shubert, Michael Yost, Danny's Venice, Greg Scelsa,
Jeness, Adam Stackpole, and all Elegant Strangers everywhere.

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