A documentary album.
The stories, song by song..

Venice at night. That's when it all goes down.

A documentary album by Rob Mullins


The opener on the album is a simple hard rock party song featuring Damon Dae
on lead vocals. If you want to get your party started, this track is a good way.
I wanted to feature Damon on something like this because of how powerful his
voice is.


How many times have you gotten into a relationship with a very attractive person
only to find out that when they drink or get high, they go completely off the rails?
If you've ever been through something like that, trust me, you're not alone.
This lyrics came to me after hearing a true story from one of my Venice pals.
I tried to make it as amusing as possible, but it is ultimately sad. And that's the
blues folks, in a nutshell. Performed by Cosmic Coast and Stanley Behrens.


This is the story of a young stoner girl who moves to Venice with a suitcase, her
voice, and a uke. While out on the boardwalk looking to find herself and the meaning
of life, she encounters Prime Minister Chill. Prime Minister Chill is a fictional
character I created based on other people I have met on the boardwalk.
This is a cute track and R Hoodrich did a great job playing the role of the girl.
I laugh every time I hear this one.


The writing process on this song was the most time consuming of all the songs on
the album. The first album I ever bought when I was a kid was the Doors debut
album on Elektra Records. I was blown away and had no idea what the album was
really about, but the intensity of it was intriguing.
Over the course of a couple of months I found out that Jim was a local Venice guy
and I learned a lot about him and the Doors, and Venice. I could only write a small
bit of the words at a time because every time I sat down to finish the song, I had too
much new information inside my head and I couldn't figure out how to fit it all into
the song.
The solution I came up with was to do some spoken word poetry in the middle of
the song that sounded like something Jim himself might have written.  It covers
things back to the beginning of the Doors, the high price off a slice on Abbot Kinney,
drugs, rock, and the Snapchat Smokey the Bear security guys that are constantly now
milling about. It took weeks.
When I finally had something I thought worked, I went into the studio and did it and
emailed it to some trusted studio people. All of them said it made the hair on their arms
stand up which was the effect I was going for.
Rachel Sorsa did the female lead vocal performance, and in my opinion it is one of the
best of her career.


For the first time in my career as a composer, I wrote a chant on behalf of my Venice
friends. The internet company Snapchat started buying up properties in Venice a couple
years ago, and they now own more than 40 key locations in Venice. Most of the locals
are being badly effected by this because the vibe of the neighborhoods is changing and
it is NOT good for the locals. There are many sides to this issue I am sure but my feelings
are in the chant I wrote: "Venice Beach is NOT a Campus. Our Hearts are NOT for SALE."
Ravi Kristin-my Venice mentor- led the charge in the studio chanting this along with the
members of the Elegant Strangers. Vinnie Caggiano plays fiery rock guitar on this and
towards the end you can hear the corporations bring in the big guns and destroy the town.
I guess all we can hope for it to slow them down at this point.


One of my friends in Venice was having problems with men in her life. Being a man,
I realize how simply stupid we can be at times, so I wrote this song to cheer her up.
I get a charge out of the hook line: "I'm sick of less intelligent men. Can't wait to
NEVER see you again."
Sung by Rachel Sorsa, guitar solo by Vinnie Caggiano.


When I was a kid, surf music was all over the radio in So Cal. I grew up in Ontario, CA
and all of us kids that had garage bands were trying to learn the music of the Ventures,
Iron Butterfly, The Doors,  The Beatles, and the Rolling Stones. This song is in the spirit
of early surf music updated with modern synths. Bass is by Bryan McKenzie and I played
everything else. Great song for hula hoops I hear!


Do you remember your first slow dance? I do. It was to Moody Blues "Knights in
White Satin."  The 12/8 feeling of back in the early sixties was what I was going for
on this song and Vinnie Caggiano's guitar performance is just stellar.


This track really sounds like our local band "Elegant Strangers" when Vinnie and Stan and
I play our gig on Thursdays at the Sidewalk Cafe. Stan is touring with WAR and he's always
coming home, going away, and coming back again. Stan solos first with his classic flute style
followed by my piano solo. Vinnie caps it all off with his guitar solo and then it's back to the
melody on this one.


When I had left Denver in the 80's to move back to LA, Venice was one of the first places
I felt like I fit into. The Drum Circle on the weekends in Venice have been going on for, like,
forever. People get out in the sand with all sorts of drums and percussion instruments and
make up live beats all afternoon on Saturdays and Sundays. It is really a lot of fun.
On the studio recording, I played all the drum and percussion parts myself as well adding
some keyboards and bass that aren't usually heard in Drum Circle land. This is my idea
for the 21st Century drum circle.


I wrote this song a few years ago but it is all about the beach. Brighton Gray did a wonderful
job singing it and it is just a fun little tune with horns, vocals, and a short piano solo.


I started this song in 2014 when Stan Behrens and I were performing around Venice as
"Cosmic Coast."  I had the basic melody but could never finish it until a few weeks ago
when all was quiet after a gig and I was alone at the beach thinking about change and
how much I don't want Venice to change. I've always loved it for what it is, and the change
it is going through is not making me happy. I can't do much to stop it but hopefully you'll
hear my sadness in the melody of the song.


Last year in 2016,  I shot some photos of Vinnie when we were doing the
show. Vinnie is one of the people that is being impacted in bad ways by Snapchat and other
things going on in Venice that are making it hard for locals. Vinnie is a great guy, and this
track to me really sounds like Vinnie against the World. The guitar on this track is amazing.


Rachel Sorsa lead vocals
Stanley Behrens lead vocals, harmonica, flute
Vinnie Caggiano electric guitars
Rob Mullins drums, bass, keyboards, percussion
Damon Dae lead vocals
Rachel Hoodrich lead vocals, uke
Bryan McKenzie electric bass
Ravi Kristin gang vocal leader
Carmen Grillo acoustic guitar

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