Why I made this documentary album.

There is a reason for everything in life.

By Rob Mullins, Producer.

I really just made this album for my friends. And for the people in Venice
who are being badly hurt by what is currently going on there.

i've been back in Venice playing club gigs for a couple years now
and doing shows with great players and singers every week
has given me the opportunity to really get to know some of the talented
and interesting performers in Venice.

this randomly happens.

Playing a set on stage, then sitting down together having dinner
is how it happens, and during our dinner conversations a lot of
topics came up...local life, neighborhood issues, relationship stuff,
the Doors, the future of live music, and the history of Venice..

One afternoon talking with Vinnie and Rachel about music and life
it just started to make sense to make a documentary album about
what is happening in Venice. i starting thinking about what a unique
blend Venice is and the quirky things that go on and "Only in Venice"
started to take shape in my head.

Windward and Pacific. The gateway to the fun.

I went home that afternoon, and I wrote four songs in a couple of hours.
when the music is flowing that fast, it is always a good sign.

So for four months i studied the boardwalk, the Doors, beach life, and
stronger bonds with all of my friends grew. I spent a lot of hours in the studio
writing and recording everything.  It has been awesome.

I wanted to create music that updates many of the classic beach songs into the
21 Century. I wanted to do a song about Jim Morrison's life and impact on the
world since he and Ray Manzarek were locals.. I wanted the flavor of the ukelele girl
who just moved to Venice. I wanted some rasta vibe, hard rock, surf, skate, Harry,
Nathan, hula hoop vibe, big business vs. the locals, and the sadness of change that
can't be stopped.


I'm lucky. To create all of these things, all i had to do was spend time with my friends and write about their lives. The journey
has been really really cool.

I hope you enjoy the music that happens "Only in Venice."

Happy listening!

Rob Mullins
Summer '17
Venice Beach, CA

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